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Oxford Company Consultants is your source for organization and business development. Reach outrageous objectives by aligning your people around culture, strategy, and sales.

"We help you and your organization get what you want!" - Jeffrey Hansler, Managing Partner

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Innovative change requires an integrated approach in all aspects of the organization – culture, leadership, talent development, operations, sales, and finance. The call for change usually arrives with crashing market share and revenue. There is a small window of opportunity to leverage available resources to stem the tidal outflow, set a new course, and successfully navigate into blue oceans. Yahoo, HP, Sears, Toys R’Us, Compaq, Blockbuster, Bethlehem Steel, …the list of organizations that missed their window for change is long. We identify the keystone to change for your organization and guide you on the journey.

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Jeffrey Hansler

Jeffrey earned his degree from UC Irvine in psychology. His career began with Apple Computer in 1980 where he was one of the top sales representatives in the nation. Since then, he's lead several companies to double and triple digit growth as a senior executive. He has developed a successful international distribution company, and he has been a professional trainer, speaker, and president of Oxford Company Consultants since 2010.
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With targeted metrics and a strong persuasive communication model, the structure of sales communication becomes evident, thus allowing planning, communication checklists, and co-operative debriefing sessions for ongoing learning and greater success. This is the predictable advantage that Directed Communication™ brings to individuals and organizations.

“Somewhere in the world, the tide spells the difference between life and death…So does change define the difference in your business.”

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