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"We help you and your organization get what you
- Jeffrey Hansler, Managing Partner


Oxford Company is your source for organizational development and communication that makes a difference for executives, managers, employees and salespeople.


"What gets measured, gets done!"

The majority of organizational consultants focus on the operations side of the business. An organization is complex and change requires an integrated approach of all aspects of the organization - personnel, leadership, sales, financing, and operations - to avoid ineffective adjustments that miss critical opportunities for growth during rapid periods of change.

Research shows that organizational development focused on revenue growth is required to outpace the competition.


With targeted metrics and a strong persuasive communication model, the structure of sales communication becomes evident, thus allowing planning, communication checklists, and co-operative debriefing sessions for ongoing learning and greater success. This is the predictable advantage that Directed Communication™ brings to individuals and organizations.

“Somewhere in the world, the tide spells the difference between life and death…So does change define the difference in your business.”



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Oxford Company Jeffrey Hansler - Speaking and Training