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Oxford Company Today

Oxford Company, Jeffrey Hansler keynote speaker, trainer, author, employee and management training and development
The key to being successful in our business is understanding our client's business, then building a program uniquely designed to assist them in
attaining their objectives. Our clients appreciate our commitment to providing service that's personalized, responsive, and most of all effective.

Oxford's client list includes AT&T, American Honda Finance, Lexus, General Mills, PacifiCare, Alaska Airlines, Chrysler, Visa, Agfa Bayer, Perkin-Elmer, Vans, Itochu, Allied Van Lines, Nokia, Toshiba Medical, and Disney. See client list. See history.

As a speaker, Jeffrey can open an event—setting the tone: he can close an event—tying everything together: he can re-energize your group at a mid-way point, run a breakout session, and deliver a program that will get them on their feet. Attendees say, "I know that I can put that idea into practice!" You can count on Jeffrey for a great program and a memorable presentation.

Backed by 180 hours of personally developed training material, Jeffrey interviews several representatives of the organization's upcoming audience to personalize the program and material. When possible, he attends Oxford Company, Jeffrey Hansler keynote speaker, trainer, author, employee and management training and development preceding events to determine a feel for the group he'll be addressing. The final result is a program filled with useful content (delivered with humor) that informs and entertains the attendees. It's live, it's interactive, and it's fun!

As a sales consultant, Jeffrey works with organizations to increase their sales and profits through analysis and implementation of sales systems: the method your company uses for finding prospects, responding to inquires, and reaching agreements.

In today's competitive environment, a single weak link in a system can result in lost sales. One of his unique skills is his ability to translate culled information directly into effective systems. In turn, this increases sales and profits, while assisting individuals to reach their ultimate potential.

Oxford Company, Jeffrey Hansler keynote speaker, trainer, author, employee and management training and development If you want to develop your human capital resources, Oxford may just be the organization that you need: Oxford has a host of partnerships, associates, and resources, if required, to address your organization's issues. Oxford focuses on providing the skills and insights, giving your organization the competitive edge it's looking for.

Oxford Company History

Organizations are started by individuals or groups of individuals. The organizations are designed to become assets that contribute to others in a greater capacity than the individuals themselves could contribute. Oxford Company began with the same result in mind. It is designed to contribute long after the individuals that began it are no longer involved. 

The concept of Oxford Company was put on paper and began in 1988. It was designed to provide knowledge, in a variety of forms, to other organizations to assist them in attaining their objectives.

Jeffrey Hansler and some close friends were about the only asset for the company at the time, and Jeffrey was the only one fully committed to the idea, so it's beginning contributions were based off of his knowledge and his experience.

Initial projects were sales consulting and training related. The largest project involved four consultants and lasted over a year. The company changed direction in 1996 when Jeffrey began focusing on the speaking industry versus the training industry as a delivery method for providing knowledge to others. The company became more of a one-man operation and has operated that way since then.

The original plan has not been forgotten. It was merely put aside for a few years while Jeffrey worked through some transitions. During this time, his skill as a keynote presenter and trainer have grown exponentially and he has been a front runner in providing new concepts as part of his training, speaking, and consulting.

The organization is once again on the path for growth and expanding beyond the one-man operation that has built its new foundation.


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