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What does Jeffrey Hansler bring to the table?

Jeffrey Hansler joined the Apple Computer sales force in 1980 where he was one of the top salesOxford Company, Jeffrey Hansler keynote speaker, trainer, author, employee and management training and development  representatives in the nation. From 1983 to 1992, he lead several companies to double and triple digit growth as a senior executive, including an international distribution company.

In 1992, he founded Oxford Company. What makes Oxford Company different from other consulting groups is his knowledge of the "learning organization". He quickly recognized the necessity of change required a transfer of knowledge, combined with a prepared leadership, management team, and organization.

It is this integrated approach with a focus on the human capital of your organization that leverages applied learning.

Organizations are using technology to accomplish more with less staffing and management. This makes each individual more valuable to the organization and more critical to operations. Your employees need to be provided the best opportunities for meeting changes. This requires supplying them with the information and skills to deal with those changes.

Since he develops, designs and delivers training, he know the best way to achieve behavior changes and skill transfer, and provide skills for individuals, supervisors, and management to deal with the changes on a personal and professional level.

Jeffrey Hansler is the author of Sell Little Red Hen! Sell! which has sold over 250,000 copes and is being translated into eleven languages.

The subtle use of games, metaphors, interactive exercises and memorable stories make learning fun. Implementations of key concepts are easily recalled when they are needed most: in the midst of a wave about to crash upon you. Jeffery believes that training must land you safely on the beach, your shoulders high, and you eyes above the horizon.

The Oxford Company and Jeffrey Hansler provide the most deliberate and active-driven programs needed by the organizations of tomorrow.

“I use as metaphor, the moon and the ocean. How they work together, create change, and use the diversity of their elements to create opportunity and harmony in a continuous, predictable cycle. As the ocean anticipates the moon, the tide spells the difference between life and death …so will change define your business.”

Jeffrey Hansler works with you—evaluating, recommending, and orchestrating the changes through which you want your organization guided.

Additional resources available from Oxford Company include published authors, educators, speakers, and experts in sales and communication systems. The education and knowledge available through Oxford Company is impressive. Associates hold Masters and Doctorate degrees and represent a diverse range of industries.

Success for Oxford Company depends completely on the success of clients. Jeffrey Hansler takes an active interest in understanding each client's business, in order to assist them in attaining their objectives. Jeffrey Hansler and his associates at Oxford Company, are committed to providing service that is personalized, responsive, and effective.

Jeffrey Hansler received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Biochemistry from the University of California at Irvine in 1979.

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